Charging for my blocks and possible billing api?

Hi there,

I assume that custom blocks are the beginning of some kind of app store, similar to the one shopify has, where we will also be able to charge for our custom blocks.

Question for airtable - do you guys plan on providing some kind of billing api, similar to the one shopify provides that will eliminate for us the hassle of dealing with billing for our custom blocks or should we create our own billing solutions?


Hi Ronen, great question. Right now we’re focused on letting customers build blocks for themselves and for their own companies, rather than focusing on general third-party distribution, so a billing API is not on the near/medium-term roadmap.

If you’re interested in building a block for broad distribution, we’d love to chat further – please email :slight_smile:

Hey @Kasra,
I think its hard to find developers who are NOT interested in building a block for broad distribution and charging customers to use it. We are all interested and have been waiting for this for 2 years at least. So, should I email you?

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Hi @Ashwin_P, yep please email