Chart App Scatter plot label bug?

Hi folks

I’m having an issue with the Charts app. I’m setting up a simple scatter chart with x and y axes drawing from formula fields in my base outputting a percentage and a decimal, respectively. After initially setting the axes, the plot works nicely, and when I rollover the data points on the chart it shows me the points measurements alongside the primary field data for that entry, identifying the point.

My issue is, when I then go to group the points by a third field (using the “group by” toggle in the chart’s Y-axis settings), while the grouping displays on the chart correctly, when I rollover any particular point the primary field data that appears on the chart is for a completely different point. Though, when I click on the point, it does bring up the base entry for the correct field it is supposed to represent.

Am I doing something wrong here? It seems like a bug to me, and it reduces the usefulness of the charts app quite a bit for me.

Would appreciate any and all feedback!


Hi Adam, and welcome to the community!

I have seen this as well and assumed it was a bug. I think it’s been reported before as well. Have you looked at the new Vega-Lite Block?

Hi Bill

Thanks for the welcome and the directions. Vega-lite looks like a great piece of kit, should solve the issue. Cheers!


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