Chart block doesnt recognise looked up dates


Hi (: I’m trying to make a chart with Date as the X Axis, where Date is set via a lookup. It thinks all the dates are 1/1/2018 though so its just showing a vertical line.


Let me assure you: However you understand the Chart Block to work — it doesn’t.

When you say {Date} is set via a lookup, do you mean you have a column of ‘Date’ entries, each one of which is looked up from another table?

If that is the case, you’ve probably told Page Designer to use a set of arrays as its X axis. (‘Raw’ lookups are typically arrays, even if they appear to be something else. Define a new formula field with the formula


except where I have '########' you need to enter a format specifier that matches the structure of {Date}. For instance, if {Date} is of the format '1/1/2018', you would enter either 'l' (that’s a lowercase ‘L’) or 'M/D/YYYY'. The {Date}&'' part changes {Date} from an array to a string; DATETIME_PARSE() converts the string into an Airtable date.

Designate this new formula field as your X axis.


Great cheers, I didn’t know it was returned as an array


Everyone who knows that learned the same way as you: “WTF!?! Oh…”