Chart Block - Download / Export charts

Hi everyone. I realize it is not possible to export / download charts built in the “Chart Block”. Such feature would definitely be a must-have. I really do need it, don’t you? When do you think Airtable will make this possible?


Hi Romain, and welcome to the community!!!

What is your definition of export/download?

Hi Bill - I’d like to export charts from Airtable to PDF and/or Google Doc to issue reports

Okay, understood, and I agree - this would be a good upgrade to the charts block. Like the page designer and many other blocks, they represent nice friendly cul-de-sacs; cool features that [presently] have no through streets for integration or process workflow.

The only pathway that I’ve been able to use is to first get the data into something like Google Sheets and then use the charting features to render reports and such. Integromat and Zapier can help with moving the Airtable data; the rest is a matter of shaping your reporting process to deliver on your vision.

I have also created seamless reporting services using the Airtable API, Google Apps Script, and documents/charts in the G-Suite environment and complete with automated emails - kinda like this:


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