CHARTS app - How to create charts based on only a select segment of data?

I have a Base where I keep track of all of the feedback I’ve been getting on my product from User Tests. In this Base, I have multiple different tables for each of the tests I run. Each table has all of the data from my tests such as the question being asked, the different answer choices, the number of responses to that answer, and the percentage of people that chose that response. I want to create a chart for each of the questions I’m asking but it seems like the Chart app only creates charts based on ALL of the data in the table.

So the end result I am getting is this: A giant clump of all the different answer choices all grouped together.

Welcome to the community, @Devin_Patel!

Your chart is linked to a specific view in your table.

So you could either filter your existing view, or you could create a brand new view which is filtered to only show you the records that you want to see on your chart. Just make sure that you point your chart towards the appropriate view that you want to use.

You can also add multiple chart apps to your base, and each chart can pull its data from a different view.

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