Check box trigger send email on conditionnal automation


I try to use a single conditionnal automation to send differents emails each triggered by a different checkbox. checked box “check box 1” will send the “check box 1 email”, checked box “check box 2” will send the check box 2 emaiL.
So i just need IF and not otherwise condition. If check 1 is pressed i want to send check 1 email even if check 2 is checked or not…

Thank you

Unfortunately, Airtable’s conditionals are currently very weak, so what you want to do is not currently possible with Airtable’s Automations.

Please be sure to email about improving conditionals in automations.

In the meantime, you only have 3 options:

  1. Create multiple automations. Let’s say you have 5 different emails. You would need to create up to 5 different automations, one for each email. (Although technically, you could get away with only 3 automations for 5 emails.) It’s unfortunate that you are required to create multiple automations, though, because Airtable only gives you a limited number of automations to work with.

  2. Write a custom JavaScript to handle this for you.

  3. Use a professional automation tool like, which handles conditionals properly by giving you an unlimited amount of routers & filters to create an unlimited number of conditional paths. (Zapier also offers some conditional capabilities, but their conditionals are extremely limited in quantity and functionality and user-friendliness.)