Check for existing value when creating new record

Hi all. Total AirTable newbie here, and I’m hoping someone can please point me in the right direction. I’ve started working with a charity that uses AirTable to track requests that members of the public file for COVID-related assistance. There are two tables involved specifically in what I’m trying to achieve: Requests and Requestors. The person making the request fills out a WordPress form with name, postcode, etc. which are fields in the Requestors table and details about what they’re requesting from the charity; these are fields in the Requests table. Within the Requests table, there is a field which is a link to the Requestors.

We end up with a lot of duplicated rows in the Requestors table if people make multiple requests. What I’d like to be able to do is intercept the form when it’s submitted, check to see if there’s a criteria match in Requestors (say on name and postcode) and if so, assign it to the existing requestor. If there is no match, then it would create a new requestor, a new request and assign the new requestor in the Requests table.

Can someone please point me in the right direction on how I might be able to achieve that? Again, very, VERY new at this, so apologise if it’s something obvious I’ve missed.

Welcome to the community, @Dan_James1!

No, you’re not missing anything obvious… you can’t do this natively with Airtable, but what you could do is have your Wordpress form data sent to Integromat, and then automate a solution with Integromat that handles all of this for you in Airtable.

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