Check IF Record Occurred Within Last 30 Days


We have a base that, amongst other things, generates requests and records when the request is completed. To provide feedback on performance, we measure the number of working days it took to complete the task using:

WORKDAY_DIFF({Request Date},{Time Processed})

We can then use a Summary Block to give an average “headline" of the number of working days taken to complete.

We then have then used the following to report the average during the previous month:

IF(DATETIME_FORMAT({Request Date}, “YYYY-MM”) = DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(NOW(), -1, “month”), “YYYY-MM”),WORKDAY_DIFF({Request Date},{Time Processed}),BLANK())

So here, during Aug, it will give the average for July.

How can we have this a little more “live” by reporting the number of days taken to complete over the past 30 days?

Use DATETIME_DIFF() to get the amount of time between two dates.

IF(DATETIME_DIFF(NOW(), {Request Date}, 'days') <= 30, WORKDAY_DIFF({Request Date}, {Time Processed}), BLANK())

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Perfect @Kamille_Parks - exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help with this.

any idea how to figure all days not just working days (7 day week instead of 5) is it just WEEK?

I think you can just replace the WORKDAY_DIFF part of @Kamille_Parks’s formula with DATETIME_DIFF – if I understand your question correctly.

That same formula shows how to use DATETIME_DIFF(), which again, calculates the time between two dates.

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