Checkbox based on other fields


I am sure this has been covered, but I cannot find a thread that helps me out.

• I have multiple fields that could receive the status of “Approved” from a Single Select list. The fields are “Status 1”, “Status 2”, and “Status 3”.

• I want to create a formula where if any of those fields receive the status of “Approved”, it will check a box in a “Final Status” field.

For the life of me I cannot figure this out.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!


You can’t change a Checkbox field based on other fields. However, you could have a Formula field that outputs a :white_check_mark: emoji if one of the statuses is Approved:

IF({Status 1} = "Appoved", "✅",IF({Status 2} = "Appoved", "✅",IF({Status 3} = "Appoved", "✅")))

Well, you could do it with Zapier:

Anyway, why do you need 3 status fields? Maybe there is a easier way to do what you want.

Checklist question

Hmm… Formula looks to be good (no errors), however it is not triggering the emoji. Could it be because my “Approved” status from those fields is in a drop down menu?

I have 3 Status fields because a task could have multiple rounds of changes and/or revisions. It might be approved the first time, or the status might be set as “Revise”. If that were the case, the 2nd status might be the one that gets the approval.


I forgot 2 closing parentheses. I recommend you to build the formulas yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know, I added them. I get no errors with the formula. It’s just not giving me the emoji.

Edit: I got it to work. It was a matter of replacing the emoji. Thank you!