Checked / Uncheched boxes

Hi there, excuse my ignorance! I am very new to Airtable and I am trying to set up a simple inventory system of moving hundreds of items (Props for a film) from one location to another. I have fields set up for the various locations as a checkbox. ie. “PROPS STORE 1”, “PROPS STORE 2” etc…

If I move a prop from “PROPS STORE 1” to “PROPS STORE 2” - is it possible for the “PROPS STORE 1” box to automatically UN-check?

Basically, I am trying to make it so that only ONE of the check boxes can be checked at any one time. So it is not possible to have an item in two places if a crew member forgets to uncheck a location box. By default the system will only allow you to choose one check box.

Many thanks for any advice!

Why not a field that is ‘Prop Store’ that is single select type? The selection would be the store (eg Store 2).

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