Checking Check In Dates against Membership Status

Hi, I am attempting to create a check in system for my customers, which cross references with a separate membership status. Each time a customer checks in, they create a record in the “check in” table, which is linked to an account in a separate table. Additionally, customers can add a membership, which is tracked in a third table (also linked to the accounts table). Memberships have start and end dates, and I need to look at what the customer’s membership status was at the time of check in.

This is proving to be a bit challenging, since I need to a field to display the membership status at the time of the check in, not the current membership status. If I just display the current membership status, then as soon as their membership expires, the customer’s check ins would change to display that they were not members, retroactively changing the records of their check ins. Any help here would be much appreciated!

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