Checklist guidance

I have a checklist that i want to appear in each new record and would like for that checklist to be used solely for each record. No linked information but rather filling out the checklist for each record. Could someone guide me on this please?

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About the best you’re going to do is to define a series of check boxes in your record. It’s sort of a horizontal checklist, I guess :wink:

I don’t really understand the thought process behind these. Why can’t there be one field with an actual checklist instead of a bunch of single toggles?

I’m not sure if you’re asking this as a support question or as a feature request.

If you’re asking just as a support question, the answer is - because Airtable does not have a feature like this. They do not allow rich-text features like checkboxes to be in their text fields, and they do not have a “Checklist” field type.

If you are asking as a feature request - as in - “I don’t understand Airtable’s reasoning in not offering a single-field Checklist feature”, well, then you are not alone: