Checklist pull from other table


Hi there! so we are a property management company and we have a Base for our portfolio.

the first table is Properties and it has all of our properties: i can sort by view, filter, etc to get what i need

My issue is that I have a checklist that i need to go through everytime i buy a property (water on, gas switched, cert approved, etc). I don’t want to add these columns to the Properties table since it is already so many columns.

can i make a new table in the same Base and call it “Checklists” whereby it pulls all the properties listed from the Properties table? i don’t want to duplicate and have to type in properties in both tables.

hope that makes sense!


so in a simple solution, i thought i could create a checklist table from linked column of addresses. the problem is my addresses are in the first column and that column can’t be customized to be linked from

any ideas? thanks!