Checkpoints, dates and durations - oh my


Hi all,

I am new to Airtable and wanted to ask you all if you know if I can do this - and point me to anything that may help me build.

I am looking to use this for Project Management. Our process has certain checkpoints (7 of them).

I would like my team to set checkpoint dates for each step and for Airtable to let me know if a project has not reached a checkpoint within the specified date. They are dependant on each other so one would start when one stops.

Has anyone done something like this?
Is there are way that you can make each date dependant on each other - so the due date/final in hands date would be pushed out if some of these checkpoints are missed.

Thanks in advance for you help.


Hmm. There are quite a few ways to set this up. You’d probably need to use a combination of views, date formulas, and blocks (in the pro version) if you really want to be on top of things. However, you can get by without the blocks by using if/then formulas and creating a flag field that alerts to any that have gone past the due date.

Check out the Formula Field Reference. it will be your best friend. I can’t provide much more help without seeing more of your process.


Thanks Kayla for your help. Looks daunting… :frowning:. This will be like I am back in school.