Child / Nested Table links - Populating one dropdown based on another


I have a table for Manufacturers, which is linked to a table with Models

A third table for Projects allows entry of specified quantities of equipment. I would like the user to select a Manufacturer, then select the Model. I want the options for Model to be populated, based on the selection of Manufacturer.

Is this possible ?


It doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment - but I want exactly this and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to word it. I’m creating an industry directory, and I would like to have the user select a facet of the industry, then have the next column populate with options for linked records (maybe a filter?) based on that selection. Maybe submit it as a Feature Request?


Yes this would be extremely helpful. We are using Airtable as a CRM and we’d like to list all the leads that responded to our campaign. We have one table with all the leads, and another with all the campaigns. If the table for campaigns could identify leads that were labeled “responded”, this would be very useful.


Try using “Formula” for the field type of the first column in your Models table. This will allow you to prefix the model name with the manufactures name, which in turn allows Airtable’s autocomplete to search the manufacturers name when you’re adding a model to a project.

Hopefully this makes it clearer: