Chime when entry is added via form


I dont know if it’s me or this can not be done. I am testing the “Chime” block so that I get a sound notification every time a new record is entered. The only utility that I can give to it is if that notification is generated when a new record is entered via a form (Why would I want to be notified when I am entering records via grid view?)
But when I enter data using a form there is no notification.

I am doing something wrong?
Thank you so much!


So there’s a subtle distinction here, which is that the chime block triggers whenever a new record appears in a view (or leaves a view). This can be, but is not necessarily the same as, “every time a new record is entered.”

Consider a table of tasks, with a single select field to show which stage a task is in, e.g. “Planning,” “Drafting,” “Review,” and “Completed.” Now consider a view (let’s call it “Completed Tasks”) which uses filters to only show tasks that have been marked as “Completed.” If you set a chime block to trigger every time a new record appears in the “Completed Tasks” view, then every time a task has its single select field value set to “Completed,” it’ll appear in the “Completed Tasks” view and trigger the chime block.

I’m not sure why your chime block isn’t triggering when new records are being added via form; it might be related to your blocks settings and what view you’ve selected.