Choose Dropbox or Google Drive for attachment storage


I would love for my attachments to get sued in my Dropbox. This would allow me to use Airtable as a digital asset manager


+1 for this feature request. :slight_smile:


Excellent idea. When downloading CSV files you have to reconstruct the URL to view your uploads. If either the URL was different or the image was stored in Dropbox would make life so much easier.


Adding my vote for this feature–it would greatly expand our ability to store and access data.


I’d find this feature exceptionally useful as well. I’m starting to use Airtable to catalogue audio files (field recordings, composition demos, etc). I love that Airtable has an audio player built in. Ideally though I wouldn’t have to upload my audio files in two places. I’d prefer to have a single source of truth for these audio files, but use Airtable to catalogue them. Maybe if the attachment field supported external files, then I could drop in a share link for a file from Dropbox, and then have the audio player use this external file. Or alternatively a more sophisticated API driven integration could be really interesting.


Radical if we could point to audio on SoundCloud, video on YouTube, etcetera. Is oEmbed an option / necessary or can Airtable do something better?

Where does this end though? Dropbox and Google Drive are super popular storage options. I can just see someone wanting SharePoint and then we all :cry:

Given storage is a key differentiator on Pricing plans, I’d take a stab and say this won’t be a feature for the free plan users.

I :thumbsup:'d earlier. This would be a super cool feature :exclamation:


Good point about the pricing plans. Perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue always considering the types of data one could catalogue in Airtable. For example I’m cataloging field recordings, but even with my paid plan all of these audio files are way too large for the plan anyways. If you were cataloguing video that’d be even more so the case. So maybe the pricing shouldn’t be a deterrent per se, or this could be a paid only feature.


A paid only feature would be good. :slight_smile:


1+ for this kind of request.


We definitely need a way to backup files, otherwise it will be hard to justify using Airtable for anything other than recipes.

What I would want is a way to back up an entire base into dropbox in an automated way, not just the attachments.


+1 for this. I’m a video producer for a tech company, and I use Airtable to project manage all my productions. I have several Google docs for each project that I need to keep track of (creative briefs, storyboards, scripts, etc), and I’d love to be able to track them all in Airtable without having to make several columns for each URL. Attaching each doc to a base is fine if you’re living in 2008, but since all my work is done in cloud based storage, it doesn’t make sense to download a file just to make an edit, not to mention having to then share that edit with other stakeholders.


I evaluated a DAM solution that would cost me 800 a month to do what I’m asking Airtable to do here.

That’s how valuable this feature is in the marketplace


Adding my voice of support for this feature!

I’m working in hardware product development and manufacturing, so we are looking to use Airtable as a tracker for products, the factories/vendors that make the products, POs that get sent to the vendors, Engineering Change documentation, etc. for all phases of a product lifecycle (ideation, development, DFM, pre-production, production, sustaining, EOL, etc).

Being able to manage documents that are not your typical Google Docs/Sheets is key (everything from Adobe artwork files, 3D CAD files, PDFs for contracts, etc), and allowing the Attachment field to sync with any file in a Google Drive/Dropbox account would be amazing. That way the latest version of a file is always in a visible and accessible central location for the team. This almost harkens back to Microsoft SharePoint, where entries in a database can be linked to specific MS Office documents or other files on a local file server, only this wouldn’t have the physical limitations of an intranet…


Any updates on this request?