Choosing a linked record in a form


I have a form that users fill in for feedback of courses attended. In the form they can choose their name from a linked record in the table.

I don’t mind them seeing other member of the course in the list as they have been with them on the course. The problem is that, because this is a linked record it shows other details i.e email addresses .

How can I hide the other fields? i’m not sure where it;s reading from as I have set up a view and removed all other fields but it doesn’t change it

You’re only seeing those extra fields because you’re editing the form. When you look at the live form, the only thing you (and others) will see is the primary field, which will be the name.

You’re right!! My apologies, it was late :wink:

Quick follow up question. Is it only the primary field that can be displayed in this scenario or is it possible to display other fields?

Appreciate your input Justin

Only the primary field will display to form users. If you want to include more info, you could move the primary field’s data to another field, then turn the primary field into a formula that combines several fields’ contents into a single string.

Hey –

If you want more control about exactly which records can be seen, and which field is displayed, Stacker lets you do that [Disclosure: I built Stacker!)