Choosing the time zone used for Date and Time functions

I’m not sure if this helps but when using time formulas, if you clicking on the formatting tab you can uncheck use " Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators ". This will display your local time.


That did it for me. Thanks Chinara.

The problem is that this is not using my local time and I need to set my account to use Central (Chicago) time. It is 2 hours off. This is a bizarre design flaw. When integrate to an external calendar App my info is not accurate. ??

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We should really need to at least know what time zone the time in a column was created… I’ve been traveling a bunch and it’s next to impossible to figure out if the time value has changed or not… kind of forces you to use a Single line text/String to track time instead of the time field type, since you can’t really trust it’s showing you the right value.

For example, if you set an agenda (9am registration opens) and then you travel to another time zone, it magically says the registration opens at 8am… but in reality, you always want it to be at 9… it shouldn’t depend on where you are. Yikes! And as someone said, using GMT isn’t really helpful either :frowning:

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