Chose currency in a field number


I am building a base where I list fabrics, a little bit like a catalogue and each product (one product=one record) and have a set a fields for each to provide information on the product.
One important information is the price, however sometimes the price is in €, $ or ¥ and I want it to be a number field so I can filter according to a value.
For example if someone wants to look for a fabric costing between $0 to $5.

The problem is that those 3 currencies do not have the same values ($1=¥ 6.5), so I had to create 3 different fields for each currencies but it makes the table quite heavy and harder to read (since there is always an empty field).

I am trying to find a way to display the price only in one field whatever the currency.
I would like to be able input the price and chose the currency and both would be display in one field.

I tried this

  • one is : “enter the price here” (number field)
  • one is : “chose currency here” (single select field)
  • and the last one is a formula field where I typed : {Enter price here}&{Chose currency here}

So this return what I want BUT I cannot filter as a number value

Can anyone help me with that?

Many thanks,


Your formula outputs a string so you won’t be able to use the numeric filters for it. If you want, you could use two formulas: one to do currency conversions (i.e. multiplying the {Enter price here} field by some number depending on the {currency} field), and another formula to combine the converted price with the currency symbol. That way you could filter by the first formula. You could keep the first formula hidden and still use it to filter, and only show the second formula in your view.

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