Circular reference error message


Can anyone help please?

My aim is to add symbols to primary for easy identification.

URNs (primary field)
Result #E2996/#A1922

All good so far.
Am now trying to :eight_pointed_black_star: to show if <–work#boxes field is filled

Have tried to these two options but keep getting this error message.
Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Can’t save field because it causes a circular reference

<–work#boxes - 1
IF({work#boxes+}> 0, “:eight_pointed_black_star:”)

<–work#boxes - 2
IF({work#boxes*} = BLANK(), " ", “:eight_pointed_black_star:”)

Can anyone suggest any alternatives?

Thanks, Maria


What is the name of the work#boxes field? You’ve written it 3 different ways.

To check if a field is filled, you can just use:

IF({Field_Name}, "Filled", "Empty")

and change the 2 options for true and false of the condition.