Class Database LMT/S tracking

Hey all.

I’ll be including pics of my current GoogleSheets tracker for classes by the week, student taking classes, whether they showup, cancel, etc. It also has a front sheet summary that shows all the students by name, email, company and then “X” in whatever corresponding column the class(es)they took.

The front sheet/summary has the capability to filter as in any spreadsheet, more importantly, by company for our various TAM’s that work with specific clients. This is their report.

I saw somewhere and example of a class tracker that included registration info as well. I don’t necessarily need that, but it could be helpful. The more I can get out of this AirTable, the better. Currently I have to manually enter all the data from Eventbrite to my spreadsheet, then manually check off students, either as NS, X(for present), and CX.

I also would like to have a calendar view that shows classes, and a class description link when clicked on. I’d also like a “report” that I could print off and be able to manually check off students as they arrive.

It wont let me post the pics of what I have.


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