Clearing a Collaborators Cell using PATCH

I’m looking at removing all collaborators from a cell.

I have attempted to send different variations of data and always receive 422.
I’ve tried to:

  • Update the field with an empty string: ‘’
  • Update the field with an empty json: {}
  • Update the field with an empty record: {‘id’ : ‘’ }

I can always update it correctly with {‘id’ : ‘usrXXXXXXXXXX’}

I know I can send a valid request but I can’t send a valid request to clear the cell.

The cell is clearable in Airtable on the web interface, so I believe it can be done but the API documentation doesn’t say how to clear a cell with PATCH. Using PUT seems drastic to update a single cell by sending all the other data except that cells data.

For reference, most field types are an empty string apart from the checkbox which is the string “false”.

I was using PATCH and trying to update the cell with an empty string, it turns out you just have to send Null. The same with all the other field types.

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