Click to create a new linked record


I have a 1-Many relationship set up, with a master table and a Notes table to allow me to record multiple sets of notes against my master table record.
Master Table: Notes Table
Design Meeting Aug Note 1, Created On, Created By
Note 2 . etc
Design Meeting Sept
Planning Meeting Aug

I want to be able to record multiple Notes against an entry on my master table, but I want to drive this from my master table which has lots of entries and some useful views to help users navigate. To initiate this from the Notes table would be cumbersome. Is there a way to create this “sub-record” in my NOTES table directly from the selected Master record?


Um, yeah, that’s standard Airtable behavior — unless i misunderstand what you’e asking. When it comes time to create a new [Notes] record, from the [Master] table you click on the plus sign ('+') in the linked-record field to create a new link. You’ll be presented with a small menu containing all existing [Notes] records (actually, all existing [Notes] records to which you are not currently linked). Ignoring those, you select '+ Add new record' at the bottom of the menu. Airtable creates a new linked [Notes] record and expands it; you enter details directly into [Notes]. When you finish and close the note, you are returned automatically to your main table.