Clicking an email in a field, It will take me to a new blank tab with the Mailto:email,com in the search bar


Clicking an email in a field, It will take me to a new blank tab with the in the search bar.
At work It happens on both of my computers. Is there a setting that is not allowing me to email directly out of the air table?

I tried it at home also, and It works just fine. It pulls up a new email so I can email them directly.
Anyone have that happen to them?


Clicking on an email address in an email field type will open a tab with in the address bar, which triggers the opening of a new blank email in your computer’s default email client.

This function is not something specifically related to Airtable; if you are having difficulties, it is likely due to the browser you’re using or your work computers’ default email client. If you do not have a default email client set for your work computers, I would suggest contacting your IT department (it might be possible that they have deliberately disabled mailto links).


Thank you for your quick response.
I didnt think it was an Air table issue, but I am the IT department also, so if anyone has an idea on how it works with Chrome and how to remedy it. that would be awesome, but otherwise I will start researching!


You can try going to Chrome settings (the three vertical dots to the right of the address bar. Go to the bottom and click on advanced settings then scroll down to content settings. Scroll to handlers and click. This should give you an option to choose the default email handler.