Code 128 Barcode Generator?

I’m using Airtable to create product labels for my finished products and would like to use the Page Designer to create a barcode that could be scanned by either Airtable or Smartsheet. Anyone know a way to automatically convert my alphanumeric workorder number (B0194) to Code 128 (ÌBÇ!~ÅÎ) so I can use Libre 128 Font in Page Designer?


Code 128 Barcode Generator?

Yes - I’ve actually done this but I needed an API process to do it. The process continually looks for records lacking the bar code image and then uses the data to generate it and upload it into the record.


Instead of trying to use the Libre 128 Font, I went a different route when this came up on a couple of bases.

I used the following API to create the barcode.

It will return a barcode image that can be used with the Page Designer.

Step 1. Create a Formula field inside the Base.

Here’s an example from my base.

Here’s the formula used in the screenshot


Just change {Field} to the name of the field you want to use to generate the barcode.

Step 2. Create an image element inside the Page Designer block

Include the {BarcodeURL} tag inside the Image url field of the image element.


You should then see the barcode image render inside the Page Designer


Thanks Bryant! I ended up using Code 39 instead, which doesn’t need a translation, just needed to add * before and after: “B0194” = “B0194”. This was much simpler than trying to translate into 128 and since we only have 5 digit codes, the length isn’t an issue.