Collaborating with clients

Hi I’m totally new to Airtable, it seems we can do a lot with this tool. I’m an intermediary with the job to find clients and give them to professionnals. Right now I’m billing a commission directly to the professionnals, but i’m planning to bill directly the client in order to increase my commission %. I’m waisting a lot of time within my business process :

  1. I receive a call from a new client through
  2. I write down on the Aircall notes his address, name, issue, email address
  3. I copy the informations and paste them in Whatsapp, or SMS, or Email to the professionnal who will call back the client in order to do the job
  4. I write down the same informations, with more, on a Google sheet (date, time, the name of the professionnal, and the other informations we already know)
  5. I go to Zoho CRM and create a new client, and within his profile, I create a new job with the subject in question (a client can have more than 1 service with us)
  6. I’m waiting news from the professionnal if the job is done, if the client paid or not
  7. I call back the client in order to check the satisfaction, and offer him my other services for an another time
  8. I have to call back the professionnal in order to send me a copy of his bill to the client (remember at this step later i would like to bill myself the client in order to have a better margin), calculating manually the commission then asking him when he will do the payment
  9. I create within Zoho Books a new bill for the professionnal
  10. I have to check manually on my bank account if the professionnal did the payment. The most part of them do a bank transfer, so they don’t pay through my bill sent to they email through zoho books.
  11. I mark the job done

This process is for only 1 job, and at this moment because i began only 20 days ago, i have around 4 jobs per day like this. My goal is to have around 15 jobs per day in order to survive, then much more later if possible.

The professionnals need to have an access only to their jobs, not the other jobs, they should be able to do all the job, i even have the possibility to give them an access to Aircall, so they can answer by themselves. How do you think Airtable can help me ? I need to automatise the maximum of my business process. I’m thinking of using zapier with airtable, maybe active campaigns. thanks for helping, i’m a little bit lost here for automation and data process.

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