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Quick question.

If I have a base, on a Pro account, and I want to invite 5-10 collaborators, that they don’t have a pro account, do I have to pay for them to collaborate?




All Airtable billing is done by the workspace, not by the account. Every pro workspace must pay for all the collaborators that are a part of that pro workspace. (Unless they are read-only collaborators, which are free.)

In other words, those users you’re talking about don’t actually have free or pro “accounts”… they have free or pro “workspaces” where the cost of a pro workspace is determined by the number of non-read-only collaborators in that pro workspace.

Thanks for your reply! :white_check_mark:
For my case, so how much should i need to pay if i only want to apply for one Pro Tier account and to collaborator with a team of 10-15 staff to update the their events in a workspace (calendar) only. My teammates (collaborators) can edit and upload material under my Pro-tier account, correct?

You don’t have a pro account, you have a pro workspace. You have to pay for all collaborators that you want to add to your pro workspace (including yourself, since you are also a collaborator).

Got you :white_check_mark:! Just want to confirm my understanding: If I only need to pay for one pro workspace in which i will play with 15 pax as collaborators. So what i need to pay is to pay one workspace - $20 (pro tier) (monthly but billed annually) x 12 months = $240. Am i correct?

That sounds right to me.

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