Collaborative CRM



I played around with Airtable over the weekend and jeez, what a crazy powerful tool this is!

I’m running a spreadsheet with people that are available for freelance work and I want to see if it’s possible to do this with Airtable. I basically want 1 sheet with each row being a freelancers. Freelancers should be able to edit the content of their own ‘row’ in the sheet but not others. Do you guys know if something like this is possible in Airtable?

Can I do this with one sheet or should I give ever freelancer it’s own sheet and load the content of that sheet in an overview sheet?

Something else I would really want is an option to see who’s available for work this or next month. This is something freelancers have to update every month. I was thinking having two or three columns that I can rename to the next months when a month has passed and erase all data the freelancers added to make sure the data is up to date. I want to avoid having a column for each month one year in advance because I know they won’t keep it up to date. Really want to make freelancers need to update their availability every month.

How would you guys tackle this?