Collaborator name fetch query

Is there any option to directly fetch the collaborator name whoever is entering the record? I am using a shared base.

If the above thing is possible, is it also possible using forms?

Thank you in advance.

HI @mshah72,
Can you explain a little more on what you mean by Fetch the Collaborator?

A user does not need to be a record collaborator to enter a record. If you want to show the user’s name that updated a record, you can add a Last Modified By field to your table.

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I want to insert a field in my base named Collaborator.
Now if there are 3 employees viz. Rose, Mary Cherry.
If Mary creates a record, Mary’s name should appear in the collaborator column automatically instead of Mary manually writing. Is there any way to achieve this?

Did you check out both the “Created By” and “Last Modified By” field types?

There is also a “User” field type as well.

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Thanks a lot Scott. I never noticed that. But yes, it will help me a lot.
And I am not able to find the field type User. Do we need to separately enable that?
Is this thing also possible in a form?

You “User” field type might be named “Collaborator” — it seems like Airtable might be experimenting with different names for that field type.


Got it. Thanks a lot @ScottWorld.

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