Collaborators With Pro Accounts


Quick question, can’t seem to see it in documentation.

If I have a base, on a Pro account, and I want to invite a collaborator, that also has a pro account, do I have to pay for them to collaborate too?



Hi Jason. Short answer is Yes. I wrote a longer explanation but my response was flagged for approval. I didn’t want you to wait for the answer.

Check back again to see full answer or PM me for full answer.

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A jpg will do for now.

Hi Jason, Short answer – yes.

You’re not alone asking this question. What is not clear is that when you pay for a subscription, you’re actually paying for the entire workspace (not the base). You are paying for your workspace. She has a plan which covers her workspace. When inviting people into workspaces, you will be billed for them.
When inviting people to a base that happens to be within a paid workspace, you will be paying for them as well (even if they are not a member of the workspace or the other bases).

It would be easier if plans were on a person basis and not on a workspace basis however that would mean less revenue.

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