Collapse Blocks to Title by Default

I’d like to be able to collapse all the blocks in a workspace to just their titles by default, then expand them when they’re in use.


Blocks take up a lot of vertical UI space. Even on desktop, I can only fit two Scripting Blocks on the screen before having to scroll.

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One thing that might help: you can drag the bottom right corner to make each block smaller.


@Kasra – indeed, make them as small as a bullet point. :wink:


Imagine a day in the not too distant future when users have four dozen script blocks in a single base. Each block will be of a certain type and they will do various tasks that will not be obvious to most users. As such, all users will eventually need block management features that are akin to data management features and meta-data about blocks (such as description, dependencies, etc) will become critical requirements. :wink:


Another vote for collapsing the blocks and only show the ones in use.
Running a script from a button leaves the user confused if there are multiple scripts in the same dashboard. It also takes additional resources by showing all of them.