Collect testimonials with your Airtable with Open Testimonials

In my last gig, my team used Airtable extensively as our database. Our content editors wanted to collect user testimonials in Airtable, where we managed all of our existing data. If you or your team has this kind of setup, Open Testimonials is perfect for you.

Open Testimonials stands out from the plethora of testimonial collection SAAS’s in a couple of ways:

:heart: 100% Open Source (self-hosting coming soon!)

:heart: Small bundle size (… reports 3kb min + gzipped) - this means that Open Testimonials won’t slow your website down!

:heart: Server-side rendering (works with React, comment other frameworks you’d like to see)

Try it out at!

For a limited time, you can get a lifetime plan for a $150, which includes unlimited testimonials on unlimited websites, and personal support. Regardless, the free plan is very generous.

If you have any questions (or need help setting anything up), please DM me on Twitter (or Reddit!) @lawrencecchen. Feature requests are always welcome. Looking forward to talk!

Best, Lawrence

Thanks for sharing, keep us posted when the self-hosted version becomes available!