Color a table tab based upon some condition

Color the tab for the table within a base based upon some condition, preferably a check of the data within a column.

Example use case:
Say you have a column with a checkbox that says verified. You want the table tab to be colored red if any of the rows within the table are not checked as verified.

More advanced example use case:
You are using linked records. You usually look at the main table Table A which has a linked record field linking to Table B. Another user is periodically adding data to Table B, but you manage Table A. As you know when you link A to B, a column is populated on Table B showing the link. You want to make sure all the rows in Table B are linked in Table A. So you set a formula to turn the tab for Table B to red if it has any unlinked rows, i.e. any record on Table B has an empty field for the column automatically generated when you create the Linked Record field on Table A.