Color code a cell based on a forumla


Hi there! super new to airtable and learning my way around…here is what i am trying to accomplish:

i run a property management company and i have created a construction and vacancy Base for each property manager. it is their responsibility to keep it up to date.

ideally, i would love if i could turn certain cells RED or ORANGE to alert the property manager. For instance:

we have a column “Listed Rent”, and lets say it’s $1,000/month.
we have another column "date marketed"
what would be great is if we could turn the $1,000 cell red IF the date in the date marketed field is over a certain time.

that make sense? what that would do is alert me that maybe we should drop the price if it is not being rented at 1,000 for over a few weeks


Unfortunately, presently there is no way to color-code individual cells. With the Pro plan, you can color-code records (how this is presented varies a little depending on field type, but most often it is expressed as a colored tag on the record). There’s also the practice of using emojis as surrogate color code — one that works better than one might first expect. I use both in my Wardrobe Manager base on Airtable Universe; if you follow the link to the base, above, and select ‘Explore the base’ you can see both methods in action. The first two records displayed each are color-coded, and the second record contains an emoji-coded alert message.