Color code record if due date is this week

Is it possible to color code a record based on a due date, but just the ones that are in the current week?

Example: Today is Thursday, so all the records with a today or tomorrow (Friday) due date would be colored red.

I know that color based on “within the next week” or “within X number of days” exists, but I need the records for the current week only.


I would create a formula field that compares this week to the week of the due date like this:

"This Week"

Then, you can color code based on the result of that formula.

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This will work, though minor correction: WeekNum() is the formula to use. The following method also exists to get the week #, though is longer: DateTime_Format({Due Date}, “w”).

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Oops, thanks for catching my mistake! :grinning: I just fixed it above!

Thank you Scott, the formula works.

It’s a bummer that it’s not an option in the Color code dialogue though.
I’ll just hide the formula column and pretend it doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

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