Color Coding in the Calendar View [SOLVED]


Hello! Does anyone know if it’s possible to color code so that in the calendar view, items show up as certain colors? I’m using AirTable as an editorial calendar, so I’d love to see my blog post topics on the calendar view show up in different colors depending on the category of post. For example, food posts in yellow, DIY posts in green, etc…



Hi Sarah,

We are currently in the process of introducing support for color-coded calendar views! It’s part of our new record coloring feature, where each record’s color can be based on either the color of a single select field, or conditions that work like filters.

At this time we are opening up a beta of record coloring to customers on our pro plans and higher. If you are on a pro plan and are interested in being added to the record coloring beta, sign up here.


Hello again, Sarah!

Today we just released record coloring, which is a Pro plan feature that lets you color-code your calendar cards. You can set colors for records based on filter-like conditions, or just have the records take on the color of a designated single select field. Read more about it here!


I have a calendar view that has several types of dates, generated by separate columns in the main view. So each profect record may have several dates associated with it (Ex. Start Date, Due Date, Shoot Date, etc) We want to color each TYPE of date in a separate color on the calendar. Is there a way to do this?


Hey Cindy! Today we just introduced an option for record coloring in calendar views that is only available when you’ve plotted multiple date fields and/or date ranges on a single view, called record coloring by date fields.

Record coloring by date field lets you color the record cards in your calendar view based on the date field or date range used to create the card—so you could set start dates, due dates, shoot dates, etc. to each have a different associated color.

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