Colored Inventory (iPhone view)


I’d like to make an inventory by colors, if possible with Hexadecimal code.

It can be in this kind of small “tears” but in any other form, it would be fine too (square for ex)

At the moment, the only thing is working with Airtable are the Emoji.

CONCATENATE({Black* :black_circle:}," :black_circle:",{White* :white_circle:}," :white_circle:", {Gold* :yellow_circle:}, " :yellow_circle:", {Red* :red_circle:}, " :red_circle:")

But I’m limited with colors :smiley:

Could you please help ?

PS : the goal is the have all the informations (all colors qty, etc.) to be on one iPhone page (wide)

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @KS_12! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable doesn’t support on-the-fly creation of color swatches. I could see this being a useful feature in certain circumstances, though. If you want, I can change the category of this thread to move it to “Product Suggestions”, where others can offer their support for the idea if they choose. Would that be all right?

Yes, of course, you can move my post to an appropriate section.
Any solution or tricks to arrive at the goal I’m expecting ?
Or something closer ?
Thank you

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I also think about a mutliselect field but is it possible to generate value from 0 to 1000 by color ?

Capture d’écran 2020-10-17 à 17.44.52

I don’t think that a multiple select field will allow that many possible options. You’re asking for 1000 entries multiplied by however many colors you want. If you have five options, that’s 5000 choices.

I can certainly appreciate your desire to pack as much as possible into a small space (iPhone screen), but I don’t think you’re going to get what you want. Airtable’s main features aren’t necessarily designed to provide a super robust display/reporting interface. It’s pretty good for basic entry, and for simple reporting scenarios, but what you really need is a custom-designed UI that only uses Airtable for data storage/retrieval, and isn’t limited by what the Airtable UI can give you.

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