Colored or Highlighted Fields


This is what I do right now with Stylus (very hacky by the way).



This is what I want to be able to do on AirTable. I want to gray out blank cells There’s a reason they’re blank! :slight_smile:


It just puzzles me why this is not implemented yet. I mean, Airtable clearly is able to do this.

  • When you select a cell, the row is colored grey

  • When you filter a field, that specific column is green

So, what is it, that prevents Airtable from rolling it out?


I agree with the comments. I simply want to turn a row or cell yellow for someone to look at. I don’t have any conditions that I can program in, I simply want to turn a cell or row yellow.

Looking forward for this to be implemented, but this is a wonderful program!


I would also like to be able to color each column different color of my choice


I too would like to just simply color a cell or column of cells. I get the conditional coloring, but I don’t always need that. Sometimes I just need a very basic highlighting of cells to call attention to something specific or set it apart. Is there a solution for this right now?


I can see it has been stated multiple times, but in the event Airtable needs a certain threshold or number of requests in order to drive a change or update, I’ll back the above. I noticed early in this string @Katherine_Duh mentioned 2 different drivers for color-fill and asks users to specify which they’re seeking since each would represent a different solution on Airtable’s end. It seems both are in-demand and are relatively simple requests considering they’re viewed as basic functionality of this kind of software/service.

My larger need presently is to have the conditional fill. While the conditional insertion of an “emoji” in a cell is a workaround for some people it doesn’t work for our need because when you use the conditional emoji drop in the formula it REMOVES our currency formatting for the rest of the column, which then presents another problem. Using the emoji as a “red flag” for the cell would be fine if it didn’t kill our formatting for the rest of the column. Since it does, having the conditional color-fill again becomes a more viable solution, since it wouldn’t require inserting a character outside those allowed by the “Currency” formatting.

I noticed one person reference the user-expectation that this function like excel, and I second that. Airtable offers a lot of valuable functionality beyond something like excel, but if some of the seemingly basic elements cannot work comparable to competing solutions, it is likely to drive users to go back to using excel for spreadsheet and another competing solution for the rest of the functionality. I’d be curios to learn the issue or problem presented with this case to make the adjustment in Airtable to be more inclusive and user-friendly.


I don’t understand this. A Formula field does not affect other fields content, and you always can add the currency symbol on your own if the result is a combined string and not a number.


I’m not sure I completely understand how you’re referencing the formula and its impact on other fields. At the top of the table, where you input the formula and formatting for any/each given column, it impacts the input (including formatting) for each cell in the entire column (i.e. if you input something in the formula that doesn’t ‘work’ with certain formatting types, it removes the ability to format in that way). When you add the condition for the emoji it removes the ability to use the currency formatting for the entire column, and while we might be able to manually insert a “$” symbol into each cell in the column, that would mean a manual addition to a lot of cells for multiple tables across multiple of our clients. Manually adding that is not really a solution because it would be faster to simply build the same thing from scratch in excel, defeating the purpose. In addition, when the currency formatting is removed, it also removes the 2 numbers past decimal point limit (i.e. $25.xx) so after the formula runs, instead of $25.33 you might get 25.32378128339274. This again just becomes a mess and neither my colleagues nor our clients want to see our primary point of reference reports look like this.


No, you enter it in the formula, and it gets added to the field value in all the Records automatically

Yes and no, that depends on the functions and parameters used in your formula. Use ROUND() with 2 decimals.


Is anyone working on this? I’d love to be able to change text color as well (for the financials where if it’s negative it would be in red) And I would like to have every other record shaded (gray would be fine) so that it’s easy to read across the grid. We have started to really use airtable for almost all of our forms and we find it difficult to read across for quick checks (verses opening up the record). Just basic stuff I’d think…


@Matt_Voorhees – It may or may not prove useful, but have you tried using Views instead to isolate records that meet certain criteria?

For example, if you need to see any records with negative values, create a View called “Negatives” or something, and have it filter to show only records where the value in {Field Name} < 0.

Or, if you still want to show all records on the same page, you could try using Grouping. To do this, you could try creating a separate formula field that just checks for negative values in a certain field, and returns the word “Negative” if it finds the value negative, and returns “Positive” otherwise:

   {Field Name} < 0,

Then in your View options Group your records by that formula field, so all your “Negative” records show up grouped together, and all your “Positive” records are grouped together, for easy scanning.

Just throwing a couple ideas out there to help you get closer to what you’re looking for with Airtable’s existing functionality.


Maybe a dumb question but how are you making the words Negative and Positive red in that example? And if you can do that to words, why in the same formula instance can any numbers <0 not be signified in red automatically?


I’m not making the words red - can’t do that. I was just suggesting using the words for grouping on. You’ll have a group in your table called “Negative” and under that group heading will be any records that have a negative value in {Field Name}.

Then you’ll have another group called “Positive”, and under that group heading will be any records that have a positive value in {Field Name}.

I frequently use emoji as visual indicators as well though, so you could simply add something to catch your eye, like:

   {Field Name} < 0,
   "🔴 Negative",
   "⚪️ Positive"

EDIT - just realized you were likely talking about the red text in the formula sections I made here on the forum. As I said, using these formulas in a formula field in Airtable will not produce red text. This forum software, however, allows you to format “code” by surrounding a block of text with three back-ticks on either side - ( ``` )

When you do that, any “strings” inside the code block are turned red to indicate they are strings within the code. That’s just a markup feature of this forum, not an Airtable feature.


Ah! Thank you. I think this would be very useful for grouping, etc. but I’m looking for specific numbers to pop out visually for me. Either the text being colored or the individual cell colored or something of that nature would be more helpful as I look at the overall spreadsheet. But thank you!