Coloring Date multiple ranges in a single record on a Gantt View

Suggestion - can you add the ability to color specific date ranges within a Gantt view?

For instance, I have a table summarizing a Project. I can display the entire project’s life span in a Gantt view, but it would be incredibly helpful to be able to see the different stages of the project in the same view, without having to create individual records for each stage.

For instance, having the Writing date range be in blue, the Production range in green, and the Distribution range be in red.

I’m currently using a Gantt view for Project management also.

I’m using an Automation to create the records within the Gantt table that also assigns a Single select field to each record. The Gantt entries are then colored based off of the single select field. This means i can have an Assembly stage and an Installation stage, that are colored differently.

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for but hope it helps!

I considered that, but the goal is to map out a plan going forward rather than just identifying the individual stage. If I can represent multiple colors, I can see when something is supposed to be in a new stage.