Colour picker is having a bad day

What’s going on with quality control at Airtable this week? First the table picker and now this:

C’mon people. Do some testing before you push to prod.


I’m not seeing the problem with the colour picker. Could you please explain what now the screen capture is different from what you expect?

I understand that the words on the color do not match the colors displayed, but they are not designed to match. You can enter whatever words you like for the single select options, and pick whichever color you want for each option. They do not need to match.

Hmm but that first instance where they’re all showing as a, which is the default if the value is blank, I’m certain that’s not what it used to show. Just showing a tiny a doesn’t feel right? It certainly looks terrible.

But I don’t have a screenshot of what it used to show, so I don’t know what that used to be. Instinct tells me that it was the names of the colours but maybe not? Was it just a blank pill shape?

Thanks for the explanation.

I don’t remember. I can’t recall ever picking a color before typing text for the option.

Now that you point it out, I can see how the letter “a” seems a bit arbitrary when the user has not typed any text.

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