Coloured select options in grid view but not in form view


Sorry if this has been asked before, if it has I don’t see it.

It would be useful if I could have single select fields have coloured options in grid view but not in a form.

Rationale: If I am running a survey where I would like to be able to spot certain selections easily or Red/Amber/Green answers in Grid View - I don’t want them to appear this way to the person inputting data on the form as to bias the results.


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Hi Michael,

Indeed there’s no solve for that today, color selections in the field are reflected on the form view!

That said, here’s a workaround: you can color rows according to options in your single select in a specific view. Essentially you can make all of your options in the single select the same color so as to not bias the form submission and then use the coloring to have records reflect the colours you want for each option!

Hope that helps!

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Hi Aron, thanks for the reply. The form I’m referring to has 10 different single selects which I’d like to be coloured in the grid view. So this work around doesn’t help in this use case.

I love airtable but I definitely think some more conditional formatting and colouring options for records would be a welcome edition for many.