Column Description Tooltips in Form View


Is there a way to make the column description tooltips appear in the form views (Expand Record and in forms you create)? If not, I’d like to request this.

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+1 because right now things are a little incongruous:

  • I can add help text in my form view when creating new rows which are super helpful for providing guidance.
  • I can add descriptions in my grid view to serve the same purpose (although it’s different language)

But then I can’t see either in the expanded record view! What a bummer!

Especially since we typically have data-entry occur in two stages. For example:

  1. Job applicant fills out basic details in Airtable form
  2. Company reviewer wants to add notes but can’t do it through the form view (doesn’t work like that) so has to do it through the “expanded row” view. BUT ALAS! There’s no comments or guidance there :frowning: :open_mouth: :frowning: :open_mouth: :frowning:


If I create a form view it automatically has the form fields with the form field names, but I can change them. It would be nice if I could have the form field descriptions automatically populated by the descriptions from the columns. Give us the option of turning descriptions on or off for each field. If on, use the default description from the grid view if nothing is entered manually.