Column Grouping


Hello Community,

I’ve had a bit of an idea.

At our company, we have tables that can have up to 30-40 columns in them, especially on the “summary” or “master” tables, where data is assembled from other tables. This can get very confusing.

What If we could group similar columns together in a similar way we group rows? Color-coded, collapsible, and individually shareable. It could be quite powerful.



I like this idea as well, especially given that you can’t reference fields in joined tables without first making a lookup column in the current table first.

I’m in a similar situation with the electronic [aviation] logbook I’ve built for myself where it’s gotten quite wide, and I’d like to be able to hide the cruft in a single go.


Have you considered making yourself different views just showing subsets of the data columns?


That’s what I do based on the purpose on the View (or fields I need).


But if there’s a need for multiple views with the same fields (such as different filter or group criteria) it’s back to the tediousness of individually hiding multiple fields.


If you’re making multiple views in which the same combinations of fields are hidden or you’re using the same groupings, I highly recommend making use of the copy view configuration feature to speed things up!


I get that, but I need all of my data in one spot.

I’m sure other people could suggest other uses.