Column Grouping

Another vote for this feature - I went looking for it recently only to realise it doesn’t exist. The ability to group columns will be of huge use for Base and View development.

+1 for this feature. I currently have to merge cells in Excel to get the visual I want. Bet AirTable could do something more graceful.

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This feature would be extremely valuable to manage complexity. We have tables with ~300+ fields (columns) and it becomes quite hard to manage. It’s could be like in Excel when you have a head column above the actual head column that contains merged cells to describe the column category. Additionally, with 300 fields it’s really hard to move new fields to the right position. If you could collapse field groups then you could just move them into the right field group and then order there (with less fields, e.g. 30).

See screenshots attached.

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 13.40.28


+1 for me here. This would be very useful for us.

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+1 from me too. Grouping for columns like Daniel_Hofinger show it will be the best solution

+1 from me, I have different types of products that have slightly different fields, meaning I end up with ALOT of columns, would be good to group them by product type, easier to manage and move around :smiley:

You could also create a View for every type of product.

Thanks, Yes I was going to create a view for each product type, but would be good if I could pick the fields to show based on what “group” the field was in, rather than having to select each individual field relevant to that product!

+1 would be much better, thanks

This would be so helpful. Just the ability to group, or collapse a bunch of columns to find the ones I need. Views are so fiddly to have to keep updated.

Absolutely need to add my +1 here, it’s a source of real frustration that this element isn’t built in

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Highly desirable Feature! Same problem as others have noted before. Have ~100 fields. Without some grouping to aggregate them they can get out of hand and difficult to understand. When collaborators dont have the patience to sift through 100s of fields to enter their data, they can ironically create more duplicate fields for the same purpose.

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