Column "sum" activates every time page is refreshed


I have a few different bases that have tables with number formatted columns. When this happens, the summary at the bottom of the column always defaults to “sum” and will not go away permanently no matter what I do. I love having this feature here, it helps more often than it doesn’t, but when it doesn’t help it becomes a bit of a headache.

For instance, I have a column that is used to rank the data in the table, starting at 1 for the best and down to 1233 for the worst. This column insists on adding all those values in the summary at the bottom and this isn’t helpful to me at all; I’ve set it to “none” but as soon as I move to another table or leave the base and come back, it’s back to “sum” again and showing a huge added number for no reason.

I’d love to see something that retains the setting you place on these summaries, especially if changing it per view, or wanting to set it a specific way before sharing it out. I don’t want to have an auto-forced “sum” value always present just because numbers are present in the column.


Sorry, that’s definitely a bug with the “None” option. It’s supposed to remember which summary function you choose for each grid view.

We’ll get it fixed soon.


Thanks! I’m glad it’s something that isn’t working as intended and is going to get fixed. Appreciate the feedback @Kasra!


@Dean_Toland I stumbled on this post while trying to figure out how to define a “rank” column. How did you implement it? Are you doing that manually or using one of the field types in a clever way I’m missing?


I actually had an Excel spreadsheet that already manually had the ranks, but you could also use an auto number formatted column for it. Just be cautious doing this because inserting a row in the middle of your spreadsheet doesn’t insert it at the appropriate “rank” that you’re inserting between, it automatically uses the next number in the list.

Example: If you have 10 records that are sorted by rank, and you need to add an 11th which should take the 5th place ranking, logically you would think that you could insert above the current 5th record and it would renumber - Airtable doesn’t quite work like that, and will insert an 11 between 4 and 5.

There’s a way around this, but it’s a bit wonky. :stuck_out_tongue: If you insert the records where needed, and/or drag and drop rows around until they’re in the new ranking order, all you need to do is change the format of the column to something else and then back to Autonumber, or remove the column completely and add a new one. It’ll redo all the values according to their current order. It’s not that difficult and does allow for a good ranking system, it’s just not quite as logical as one might hope for.

I hope this helps!


Ok, that’s what I thought. Not ideal for multiple people using the system, though. To the feature-request section I go!!!


This issue has been fixed now—thank you for bringing it to our attention! :slight_smile:


Thanks Katherine! Appreciate the notification it’s fixed.