Combine element


I would like to Combine this become Below Result :

65 Kodi (Seri warna) , 10 Kodi (Pilih Warna)

If I simply using Concatenate For This
it simply Show like This

I am Using This Formula

CONCATENATE({Jumlah Pesan (from Pesan Ke Sup)},{Satuan Pesan},{VarianPesanan (from Pesan Ke Sup)})

Is There Any Can Help , TQ

Welcome to the community, @Sunaryo_PS! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable formulas don’t provide a way of splitting the data from multiple fields so that items are paired properly. However, because you have three lookup fields all pulling from the same linked source (I presume), the solution is to build the combination in that source table using a formula field, then lookup that formula field.

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