Combine strings and logic in formulas


Is there any way to do this? For e.g. to have a list of if statements that output a comma separated list? Have tried using & but it throws an error.


Where does that comma separated list come from?


I’m basically wondering if I can use IF statements within string operations to create more complicated concatenated fields. For e.g.:

SUBSTITUTE(TRIM({Title Prefix} & " " & {Title Only} & IF({Subtitle} = BLANK(), "", ":" & Subtitle), " ", " ")

This should return a title whether it has a prefix or a subtitle formed correctly, including a colon if the subtitle is present. But it throws up an error. Is there a way to do what I’m trying to do here?


Hmm, it looks like your TRIM function isn’t closed (there should be a second close parens after Subtitle).
Not sure about the substitute function, is it replace a regular space with a special space character?


So I did! Thanks for this. I thought perhaps the error was not being able to have more complex formulas, but now that I know it’s fine it’s mad a massive difference!