Combining 2 bases

I have two bases in the same workspace. Base A with records 0001 to 4999, and Base B with records 5000 to 9999. I want to combine the two bases into one new Base C with records 0001 to 9999. So I duplicate Base A, rename the duplicate Base C, which at that point contains the records 0001 to 4999. Then I copy records 5000 to 9999 from Base B, and I want to add them to Base C after record 4999. And that’s where it ends, that is not possible, because I can’t find any way to add them. When I click the + for adding a record, then I get the message “Record moved”, and a new record is created at the beginning of the base, so it makes a new record 0001. And if I try to copy multiple records, then I get the message that I’m trying to perform a paste that overwrites all the records in the base. So records 5000 to 9999 are not added to the base, but records 0001 to 4999 will be overwritten. I know I must be doing something wrong, but I haven’t any clue what that could be.

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Try using the Airtable CSV import app:

If you want to keep all the records in a specific order, I recommend adding some sort of order column to both bases before bringing them together in base C.

Then you can export your records as a CSV from both base A and B and import them into base C.

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