Combining several 'multiple select' columns


Hi guys

We have several columns including ‘multiple select’ options within and wish to combine all these columns into one.

Is there a way to do this across the entire table, or do we need to manually duplicate the options and then manually go through each record to combine everything?

Many thanks in advance



Maybe a formula with a CONCATENATE function of 2 fields, and then Converting it to Multiple Select? Let me try :sweat_smile:


Formula: Multiple1 & ',' & {Multiple2}.

I think if would be more Multiple Select fields we would need any function, but it works :grin:


Hi Elias

It’s easy to do the concatenate as per the formula here, but in the demo the formula or the function you’re using to convert that into a multi-select isn’t visible and I can’t seem to work out how you did it…

Could you please describe how you made the ‘Converted’ field?




I believe the {Converted} field is a multiple-select, and its contents were set by copying and pasting the contents from the {Formula} field. Airtable interprets the commas between items as item separators when pasting. If those items don’t exist as options in the multiple-select setup, Airtable will create them on the fly and add them.

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Wow, ok, so it’s manually created? So what’s the point? Copy paste every time one of the other fields change? I was really hoping for something dynamic but from what I can see there’s no way to to create dynamic linked records or, dynamically combine linked records, or even do the equivalent of an Excel style VLOOKUP in a formula… :unamused:


If the options are going to change a lot, then it may not be the way to go. However, in other situations it might not be as bad as it sounds. It certainly beats manually selecting each item from a list. Here’s one situation where the user felt it would work (it’s applied to a link field, not a multiple select, but the process is the same):

My guess is that a lot of users would like the added power you’re seeking, but it’s not available yet. Airtable is still growing and adding new features, and something like that might be added in the future. For now, this is probably the best we can do.


Just changed the field type.

The inicial question didn’t asked to be over time.